What Oyo’s Latest Results Say About the Business of Budget Hotels


An Oyo hotel property in Dubai’s Deira neighborhood. Skift

Skift Take: The business of budget hotels is hard, looking at Oyo’s latest financial report. But the startup, now five years in operation and bankrolled by SoftBank, appears to have the stamina to reach the breakeven point in the next few years.

— Raini Hamdi

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Southwest Moves Closer to Hawaii Flights After Test Run from Honolulu to Dallas

Southwest Airlines

Southwest should fly to Hawaii soon. At first, it will use older jets, but at some point the airline will switch to new 737 Max jets like this one. Southwest Airlines

Skift Take: Southwest must be thrilled for all the free media attention. But let’s be clear. The airline has been around for five decades. It has talented maintenance and executive teams. It knows what’s required to fly long distances over water. The airline will be approved to fly to Hawaii. The only question is exactly when.

— Brian Sumers

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